Heat pump condensers are great alternatives for heating a home, they are super efficient and
reliable. Heat pump condensers have benefits over your traditional furnaces, as heat pumps
have the capability to cool your home as well. Heat pumps are starting to become more and
more popular due to their increased efficiency, although there still seems to be a stigma when
people hear electric heat. The truth is, if your home is well insulated and the ductwork meets the
specific requirements of the condenser, you can heat and cool your home with lots of cost
savings. High efficiency heat pumps are much more energy efficient than oil, or baseboard, and
oftentimes natural gas furnaces (depending on rating). Heat pumps in ideal conditions can
produce 3 times more energy than they consume! They’re also great for the overall health of the
environment as they run solely off the electric grid.
Heat pumps tend to be more expensive than your typical furnace and condenser. This is due to
their more complicated installation and overall expensive price tag for equipment. Always make
sure your HVAC professional has experience with heat pumps, if you hear something bad about
a heat pump, the majority of the time it’s due to the company that installed it.

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