Gas fired furnaces are a great way for whole home heating. They are reliable, efficient, and can last for a long time. If you are able to have a gas fired furnace it can be a great way to heat your home. Furnaces typically will last anywhere from 15-20+ if maintained correctly.That just means filters being replaced as needed (every 90 days or so), vents aren’t blocked by household items, vents are cleaned when their is visible debri or dust buildups, and the operations of your machine are inspected as much as possible (once a year recommended). Things to know when buying a furnace, Semper Mechanical Technicians are experts in the field and will know properly how to size and spec your furnace to your needs. You should be aware of a few key indicators, one is the efficiency rating aka Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, AFUE for short. The higher the rating the more efficient the furnace. To simplify, what this means is if you have an 97% efficiency rated furnace, 97% of the fuel that comes into the house will be turned directly into heat in the home, and 3% of the fuel will be lost to the running of the furnace. As Rheem Pro Partners we are happy to offer the best furnaces in the industry. WE offer a huge
variety of selection of Natural gas furnaces for every home and budget. They are available in three series, each offering a different range of different features and sitting at different price points. The Prestige Series, The Classic Series, or Classic Plus Series. We can offer other brands as well, but Rheem in our opinion is the best bang for your buck! Whether you’re looking for efficiency, cost savings, or both, a Semper Mechanical Tech can walk you through all the different options and figure out which one is right for you.

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