One aspect that the average homeowner might overlook is new ductwork. Furnaces, condensers, and heat pump condensers all require ductwork for the equipment to run. Making sure you have a properly licensed sheet metal contractor to take on the work is an important aspect that should be considered whenever you need new ductwork to be installed or existing ductwork to be fixed. The way furnaces, condensers, and heat pumps are built to run in today’s day in age, is to run at extremely high efficiencies. Having the proper ductwork is a principal key to make sure this happens. New high efficiency equipment is great but not having the proper ductwork can turn that equipment into a nightmare. Not only can bad ductwork increase your equipment’s energy
consumption but it can also lead to diminish in equipment lifespan. If you’re noticing your equipment isn’t running properly, consuming lots of energy, and you find yourself calling back your contractor frequently, it’s most likely a ductwork issue, call the experts at Semper Mechanical INC. right away!

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