Why choose mini splits? Ductless Mini splits are increasing in popularity these past few years and it’s easy to see why. Being relatively easy to install and non-invasive, older homes and homes without existing ductwork that want either A/C or heat often choose ductless splits. They’re simpler to install and can save you money on installation, you can also get some great mass save rebates for choosing mini split systems (variable to location, please contact us to learn more). Mini splits have some distinctive advantages over traditional condenser units. First off they are extremely efficient, unlike traditionaln systems, every air handler has its own zone, allowing the homeowner to heat or cool individual rooms. They provide unmatched room comfort. If you’re looking for supplemental heat, say an addition or a room that just doesn’t get hot/cold, a mini split is an easy and effective piece of equipment that we can install to remedy that.

Ductless mini split systems also come in both heat pump condenser systems, and are capable of doing whole home heating and cooling. We are LG Certified, and offer many different sized and shaped mini split systems. We are particularly happy with our LG Red systems. They’re efficient up to -13 degrees, do both heating and cooling, and they can handle New England weather. The most common issue we see with ductless split systems is the curb appeal. However, we offer a few different options that can mitigate this, one popular option is our LG Wall Art. The air handler is still a wall mount but it looks like a picture frame! Check out the pictures of it.Call Semper Mechanical toady to discuss more about your heating and cooling needs to see if a mini split is right for you! We offer a 12 year warranty on all our LG installed equipment!

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