Central A/C is becoming standard practice in the Northeast, and if you don’t have it in your home it can greatly diminish your home’s value, and your own quality of life in your home! At Semper Mechanical, we offer all different opportunities for you to get your whole home air conditioned. And our rebates and financing can make it extremely affordable. Why should you get central air? It improves your homes overall value, if you plan on selling your home, homes with central air conditioning are tremendously more appealing to buyers and can lead to an increase in resale value. If you are using window units, central air conditioning is much more efficient when it comes to square footage cooled basis. If your electric bill is quite
expensive and you’re using multiple window units, a high efficiency central A/C system can reduce your bill. And the most appealing aspect of A/C is your comfort, no more humid nights, get relief from the hot humid New England summers at your home. Which is right for you? At Semper Mechanical, we offer many different options for our customers. If you have a furnace and ductwork already, installing a condenser and coil might be a good option for you. The process is relatively non invasive and we can get your system up and running in a few days. If you’re home is older or you don’t have ductwork already installed, a ductless system is another great option! Our ductless systems are efficient and work great to cool your home. Ductless systems have great advantages too, they can be used to target specific rooms, giving unmatched room to room comfort. They also have the option to add heat!
If you have a room in your house that doesn’t get heated as well as the others, adding a ductless split can add supplemental heat and cooling to any room in your home! Whatever it is you’re interested in, we would be happy to help. Call us today to discuss all your options!

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